Accounting: Company Name Phone Number Website Email Address
Dave Fultz Steger & Gowie 610-388-7800    
Jenn Wilson Duke Accounting & Consulting 610-371-5850 x233
Laurie Peer Reinsel Kuntz Lesher 610-376-1595 or 717-394-5666    
Air & Water Purification :        
Eric Weaver Indoor Tek 866-895-9924    
Apparel/Screen Print Embroidery:        
Bob Mastromarino CBL Custom Apparel 610-670-7840    
Charles Phillips, Esq. Leisawitz, Heller, Abramowitch & Phillips 610-372-8427    
Andrew George, Esq. Kozloff Stoudt 610-670-2552 or 610-406-1996    
Pam Cala, Esq. Kozloff Stoudt 610-670-2552
Art Panebecker Penebecker Auction 717-336-6983    
Sharon Thompson The Well Dressed Cake 610-376-CAKE 2253
Carpet Flooring:        
Sal Caloiero Creative Flooring 610-741-6458    
Carpet Cleaning:        
Quentin Wolf Quint-Essentials Rug Cleaning 610-376-1003    
Dave Weiler Hitchcock Group 610-944-0433 or 610-568-6585    
Dr. Donna Kulp Kulp Chiropractor Clinic 610-208-0404
Cleaning Services:        
Nicole Gottshall Gotshall Cleaning 610-929-9774    
Clean-up/ Hauling Unwanted Items:        
Matt Muddy's Scrapin' & Haulin' 610-763-1531    
Norm Norm's Hauling 610-926-1544 or 610-334-8215    
Gary's Clean Out Service Gary's Clean Out 610-310-0553    
David Wise, Jr. 1-800 Got Junk 717-715-3056    
Commercial Lending:        
Connie D'Augustine Susquehanna Bank 610-286-7100    
Chuck Zaorski Berkshire Bank 484-334-4852    
Bob Showalter Fleetwood Bank 484-334-4918    
Computer Consultants & Web Designs:        
John Jepson Run Well Solutions 610-376-7773    
Pam Gockley Vigilant Internet Services 610-763-2283
Bill Kiritsis  Omega Systems 610-334-6328    
Rob Lienti Edwards Business Systems 610-372-8414    
Construction/ Builder:        
Gus Kotsakis Omega Builders 610-670-5220    
Stephanie Hunsberger Alternative Consulting Enterprises, Inc. 610-796-8110
Day Spa:        
Cindy Lightner United Artists Salon & Spa 610-376-8481    
DJ/ Entertainment:        
Dennis Kintzer DMK Sound Productions 610-777-2747    
Brian Hartman   717-495-2743    
Drywall & General Remodeling:        
Pat Wade Church Hills Interiors 484-824-3101 cell 610-404-0384 office    
Shawn Sharpe S.M. Sharpe General Contractors 717-989-0195    
Brian Homan Drywall 610-334-2185    
Dry Cleaner:        
Dave Townsley Pressed 4 Time 877-811-2353    
Elderly Care Services:        
Gale McKim (provides home maintenance service, sale of personal belongings/furnishings & moves to Assisted Living, Retirement or Nursing Facilities) 610-507-3446 or 610-796-9820    
Wendy Kerschner Comfort Keepers 610-413-1995
Jen Mish Comfort Keepers 610-678-8000    
Joan Etchberger Phoebe 610-927-8550
Mike Little Home Helpers, Inc. 610-927-3166    
Mark Raugh Mark Raugh Electric 484-955-3006    
Doug Hurlock Hurlock Associates 610-960-1240 or 610-323-7679    
Erick F. Towles ET Electric 610-478-0171    
Randy Gravinese RG Electric 610-823-7168
Ryan Keeler Keeler Electric 610-781-9743    
Environmental Testing:        
Sean Chelius Patriot Environmental Mgmt. LLC 610-323-4634    
Katherine Fisher S.W.A.T. (Soil, Water & Air Technologies 610-323-4634    
Etiquette/Social Skills        
Leslie Zimmerman Cameron School of Etiquette 610-926-5815
Event Planning:        
Heather Pasko Green Team Works & Lovely Events & Occasions 610-670-7679
Financial Advisors:        
David Rathgeb Eaton Income Solutions 610-858-2708    
Gale Withers/Edward Jones (610) 929-3619 Edward Jones 610-929-3619    
Bryan Stephen LPL Financial 610-371-0665    
Merra Lee Moffitt Waddell & Reed 610-374-6249
Patrick Velekei Giles Financial Group 610-373-7311    
Jeremiah Sensenig Edward Jones 610-374-1088
Financial Services Consulting:        
Mary Ann George AdvantEDGE Financial Services, LLC 610-451-6453
Michael Rivera RIG Financial Solutions 877-939-0372 or 717-861-4594    
Fire/Water Restoration & Cleaning        
David Weiler The Hitchcok Group 610-944-0433 or 610-568-6585    
Chris Rush Burg Restoration Services, LLC 610-929-3520    
Rochelle Grey Beach Body Coach 610-780-7657
Stacy Brown Sunshine Wellness 610-406-5036    
Steve Mohring S.M. Handyman 484-769-8415    
Sal Caloiero Creative Flooring 610-741-6458    
Adele Rios Acacia Flowers 610-376-8767 or Teleflora               610-816-0367    
  Elite Fuel Services 610-916-0237    
Handy Man        
John Smith   484-269-6288    
Dan Broadbelt In A Fix Property Mgt 610-507-0132    
Aaron Andre Joseph Andre Building Consultants 484-577-7727    
Hair Stylist:        
Corine Shirk Corky & Company 610-916-1001    
Laura Turner Head Turners 610-370-1800    
Kendra Webb* Master Creations 610-376-1915    
*(certified in Novalash too) -    Eyelash Extensions      
Heating & Air Conditioning:        
Jeff Guenther Berks Energy Star 484-797-3456
Keith Harnish Ultimate Comfort Heating & Cooling 610-750-8314    
Home Inspection:        
Tim Evans Pillar to Post 484-366-4865    
Ron Zimmerman Berks Realty Services 610-683-7370  
Val Sarko Reliable Inspections & Testing 610-779-1007  
Home Improvements/Remodeling        
Jim Clark Clark Remodeling 610-775-5153    
John Beilhart Beilhart Remodeling 610-775-4704    
Terry Templin Templin's Remodeling 484-336-9717 or 610-796-5545    
Gus Kotsakis    610-670-5220    
Daniel Broadbelt   610-507-0132    
Andrew Pompei AJP Carpentry & Remodeling 610-775-4168    
Klaus Klatt Klatt Construction 610-780-6261
Rick Herbert L&L Services 717-222-8586    
Home Surveilance Equip.:        
Jennifer Fuhrer Endy 717-484-0301
Insurance-Property & Casualty:        
Patricia Fisher MGS Insurance Agency 610-375-6142    
Ann Moll Gallen Insurance 610-898-6503
John Slavinski Spring Ridge Ins. 610-685-2990    
Interior Designs & Homestaging        
Kim Beauvais In Home Redesigns 610-670-7077    
Tamara DeLoretta Tamara DeLoretta Interior Designs 610-858-7648    
Jewelry Sales:        
Denise Kohler Cookie Lee 610-909-1929    
Kitchen Remodeling:        
Gus Kotsakis Omega Builders 610-587-4402    
Lawn Care/Mowing:        
Jeff Forry   610-693-8258    
Zach Bubel   484-335-8180    
  Clems Lock & Key 610-775-0268    
Karen Stork RN Therapeutics 610-736-0800    
Mortgage Lenders:        
Andy Dautrich Mortgage America 610-376-1755    
Jeff Weeber Fulton Mortgage Co. 610-374-4000    
Marlene Schwoyer Fulton Mortgage Co. 610-374-4000    
Randy Reiss or Laura Kidd Fairway Independent Mortgage 610-432-0900    
Chris Nein Mortgage America 610-376-1755    
Natural Foods:        
Phoebe Canakis Phoebes Pure Food 717-445-8552
Donna Kulp   610-208-0404    
Dr. Sean Hyman Elite Eye Care 610-898-0888    
Dr. Dixon Progressive 610-396-9999    
Kevin Styer    610-775-0647    
Tim Meade Certa Pro Painters 410-488-6560    
Pest Inspections/ Treatments:        
Tom Siani Siani Pest Control 610-589-4091    
  Pest Pro Services 610-850-4792    
Brad Purdon Purdon 610-777-3742    
John Burd   610-507-7493    
Kelly Armour Kelly Armour Photography 484-354-1459
Dennis Martin/Dennis Studio   717-336-7687    
Ann Marie Lander Berks 360 Tour Designs 973-270-4585    
Mike Walter Capital Plumbing 610-587-1521    
Tom Talarico Talarico Plumbing & Heating 610-777-9331    
Scott Kissinger The Plumbing Works 610-929-8860    
Gus Kotsakis   610-587-6402    
  Riecks Printing 610-375-8581    
Printer Cartridges:        
Linda Stricker Cartridge World 610-927-9202 408
Professional Organizer:        
Vali Heist The Clutter Crew 610-777-9640
Radon Remediation:        
Stan Watras S.J. Watras 610-367-5005    
Real Estate - Realtors:        
Liz Egner The Egner Group of RE/MAX of Reading 610-670-2880, Ext. 3016
David Decembrino The Egner Group of RE/MAX of Reading 610-670-2880, Ext. 3161
Tricia Mountz Bubel The Egner Group of RE/MAX of Reading 610 670-2880, Ext. 3162
Alayne Galley The Egner Group of RE/MAX of Reading 610 670-2880, Ext. 3060
Chris Rush Burg Restoration Services, LLC 610-929-3520    
Robert Becker   717-733-7965 or 717-615-6883 cell    
Dino Concordia ConDol Roofing 610-796-4774    
Tony Sensenig   610-775-0763    
Roof Cleaning/Gutter Protection:        
Todd Wiest Roof Shield Clean & Protect 610-372-4383
Daniel Broadbelt   610-507-0132    
Roof Inspection:        
Tony Sensenig   610-775-0763    
Septic Inspections & Pumping        
Scott Bailey Bailey's Septic 610-621-6197    
Septic Tank Repair & Inspections        
Ellen & Steve Ingraham Early American Sewer Authority 610-926-1234
Gail Wenrich   610-678-3877    
Todd Riteman Sign Pros 610-916-6951    
Skin Care/ Cosmetics:        
Lynn Reynolds   610-914-7854    
Denise Kohler        
Kyle Greth Storage World 484-824-1421    
Telephone Equipment:        
Bill Kiritsis Omega Systems 610-334-6328    
Tile & Masonry Hardscaping:        
Nicole Oleski L & L Services 267-210-9085 or 717 861-4534    
Title Company:        
Kami Rodeffer Signature Abstract 610-376-1818    
Tree Service:        
Tim O'Neill O'Neill Tree Care 610-693-5517    
Tub Refinishing:        
Paul Tazik Amazing Finish 610-375-7041    
Utility Set Up - Free Service        
Ana Ruiz NRG Home Connect 267-295-5823 or 215-307-5937    
Water Treatment:        
  Phares Fry 610-562-8800    
  Milford Hardick 610-488-7218    
Window Treatments:        
Kim Updegraff V2K Window Décor & More 610-777-7288    
Carolyn Cruley Blinds & Designs 610-374-9392    
WIN GROUP:        
Kelly Armour Photography 484-354-1459    
Gerri Brenner Engineering 610-374-6144 Ext. 221    
Pam Cala Attorney      
Phoebe Canakis Natural Foods 717-445-8552    
Marsha Egan Bus. Dev. Coach 610-777-3795    
Liz Egner Realtor 610-656-9426    
Joan Etchberger Elderly Care 610-927-8550    
Jennifer Fuhrer Home Surveilance Equip. 717-484-0301    
Colleen Gensemer Counselor 610-678-1391    
Mary Ann George Financial Services Consulting 610-451-6453    
Michele Gilbert Aflac Insurance 610-301-3402    
Pam Gockley Web Development 610-916-3652    
Rochelle Grey Fitness 610-780-7657    
Sharon Harris Engineering 610-698-4531    
Stephanie Hunsberger Counselor 610-796-8110    
Wendy Kerschner Elderly Care 610-413-1995    
Karen Kramer Bus. Dev. Coach 610-207-2773    
Dr. Donna Kulp Chiropractor 610-208-0404    
Harriet Layton Skin Care 484-333-3191    
Susan Levan Florist 610-678-4488    
Gail McKim Elderly Care 610-507-3446    
Arlene Miller   610-517-8239    
Merra Lee Moffitt Financial Advisor 610-374-6249    
Ann Moll Insurance 610-898-6503    
Mary Beth Myford        
Heather Pasko Event Planner/Cleaning 610-670-7679    
Mary Ann Paulik Private Banking 610-898-8320    
Kami Rodeffer Title Company 610-376-1818    
Marlene Schwoyer Mortgage Lender 610-376-2873    
Linda Stricker Printer Cartridges 610-927-9202    
Bonnie Sussman-Versace Bus. Dev. Coach 610-301-2194    
Sharon Thompson Baker 610-376-CAKE 2253    
Rachel VanDuzer Marketing 484-886-6976    
Jen Wilson Accountant 610-371-5850    
Leslie Zimmerman Etiquette/Social Skills 610-926-5815    

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